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SmartMotion - E20 Step Thru Folding

SmartMotion - E20 Step Thru Folding

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Looking For The Ultimate Urban Adventure?
Look no further than the Smartmotion E20 electric bike. This compact and nimble machine will become your city classic, taking you door-to-door with ease and speed.

Light and Portable
Weighing a mere 21kg and featuring tidy in tube cabling, the E20 offers effortless portability.

With its folding pedals and adjustable handlebars, the Smartmotion E20 is designed to be easily carried, perfect for the city dweller who wants to take their ride on the go.

Take it on public transportation or stow it in your car's boot to enjoy a ride at your favourite park or on a scenic path. The E20 Folding ebike's compact design allows it to fold down to just 100x65x45cm, ensuring it easily fits into a motorhome storage bay or your apartment.

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