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REVER BIKE Safari Fat Tyre E-Bike

REVER BIKE Safari Fat Tyre E-Bike

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A perfect blend of vintage charm and modern power!

With a luxurious Custom Large Black Leather Dual Seat for 2 Riders and matching grips, every detail exudes a timeless style that turns heads wherever you go. But don’t let its classic looks alone fool you: this bike has an edge! With updated specifications, it effortlessly conquers any terrain with superior power and efficiency. Say goodbye to the limits and embrace the exhilarating speed and agility offered by our cutting-edge technology. Enjoy extended rides with the assurance of a robust battery that will keep you going for miles and miles. The unique 20×4′′ tyres not only ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, but also enhance the retro appeal of the bike. Whether you are riding on city streets or venturing off-road, these tyres ensure a secure grip and stability that will allow you to explore new horizons with ease. Rediscover the pleasure of driving in style and unleash your adventurous spirit like never before. It’s time to embrace the future of cycling with a touch of timeless elegance. Thanks to pedal assistance, you can pedal as you please with little or no effort! In addition, we have equipped all our bikes with a 7-speed Shimano gearbox that makes gear changes fast, extremely crisp, precise, and easy to adjust when necessary. With a lightweight aluminium constructed frame, this is a bike that will not only combat rust but you can actually ride it with ease in demanding conditions or in the unlikely event that you ran out of charge.

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